What major improvement have you made in an area of software development that you were incompetent in but became competent in through hard work and practice

I like to hear some of your stories .

All of the areas that I’m competent in? That’s how learning works?


Aren’t there areas that you are now competent in that was harder for you to learn than others? Thats what I am talking about. The hardest areasthat were initially difficult for you to learn but became effortless for you overtime.

Everything I’m good at I used to be less good at. Some of them I was much less good at. Some of them I was a lot less good at than other humans are when they first start. Some of them I was more good at than other humans are when they first start. I practiced and I learned and I asked questions and I got more good at them.

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Learning to code is hard. Depending on your background and resources, you may pick up some principles more quickly than others. I don’t particularly recall where I felt like I struggled most when I was starting out… probably structuring larger projects when I was first learning object oriented design?

Very little is “effortless”. Programming is difficult by it’s nature.


Initially, I studied programming at the university and at the same time took small orders on freelance for part-time and practice. This lasted several years. I realized that during this time my skills did not grow much. I decided to go full-time to a software development company. It was a company - Mangosoft Tech. And six months later with a junior specialist, I turned into a confident middle specialist in web programming. Therefore, my advice is - if you want to pump skills, go to work full time in one of the companies. It will be much faster and easier.

dependency injection and finally dispelling the OO myths I picked up.

Data is data, functions are functions and if you need a class to do some work for you, inject it!

But Dagger on android was deeply nonsense to me for like… 2 months of on and off struggling with it, the concept solidified in my head much more easily when i started using Spring for backend.