What module wrapper does Facebook use?

The React developer tool says that instagram and facebook are written with React, but when I looked at the source codes, I saw something different instead of compression like uglify that React normally does.

// instagram.com/static/bundles/es6/...
_d(function() {},13238275,[]);
__d(function() {},13238276,[]);
__d(function() {},13238277,[]);
__d(function() {},13238278,[]);

I want it to look like this after I put my project into production. How can I do that?

It’s still compressed, those look like React.createElement calls or equivalent, but because it’s been uglified in some way can’t tell. The code seems to have been split into 4 smaller bundles of code.


I’m just looking for an answer to the question I asked, if you don’t have an answer don’t ask me a question.

That’s quite rude. I told you the answer, it is uglified, it just seems to be split into four entry points (edit: plus this would seem to be a tiny fragment of the minified code; FB and Instagram load multiple seperate scripts with individual chunks of their applications)

The question doesn’t make a lot of sense, it needs more context. That’s why I asked you the question: why do you want it to look like FB/Instagram output? You can’t make it look exactly the same because you don’t have access to the build system those companies use that produces those ID-ed module bundles, and I don’t understand why you would want to, it gains you nothing.