What motivates you to learn coding?

I’m 36 and parent of two. That’s my motivation.

And I really enjoy it. I like making things and debugging. When I find the solution to a problem, I always tell my wife: I’m BATMAN!

I hope to get a job within a couple of years and make a living out of it. Currently I’m a teacher.


My motivation is the fact that the job I am learning will give me the ability to work from any where i wish. I want to work from home and be able to take my job with me. Plus, I like the pay. I feel that the pay is the first reason I ran for this job. My main desire is to be a stay at home and be a wife and mother some day. I want to make sure that it will be possible for me in these times where it is often required that both parents must leave their young ones and work away from those that need them the most. Besides, I also want to homeschool.

Plus, i am an incredibly insecure because I do not feel socially acceptable. I find that my fellow coders are really supportive and they really boost my confidence. For the first time I have been able to hold my own in a social situation knowing that there are others who don’t mind me. And I am a an extrovert!

Another thing that helps me is my family I have six siblings and many more aunts and uncles. A huge family is really awesome for their support. They are all so proud of me and look up to me for my learning. I only wish everyone could experience the love and support one has in a large family.

But, finally. My greatest motivation now, is my new found love for coding. I am going through JS and that is a pain! But I just look forward to all the times i will use html and CSS and I don’t mind the tough stuff. Besides, as many have pointed out, we wouldn’t get paid as much if software development wasn’t so hard!


We share a common friend, then.

Have you read some JS books?
When I feel down, and don’t want to code, I read the Eloquent JS, or the Definitive Guide. :sweat_smile:
My wife goes: You’re crazy! You were just coding and now you’re sitting here reading more code?

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No, I have not read any books yet. I am fairly new. But I will totally look into those two. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope everything works out for you! I’m sure your kids would love to have you around them every day once you have everything figured out! Fathers are so important in the lives of their children. I wish you the best of luck!

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I want to change my career. I was in journalism for four years. But, I got accident, my knee is permanently injured, so I cannot work in the field anymore. But, fortunately I still can walk. Though, I need an office job with less activity.

Why I choose programming? I was got online free courses subsidy from goverment in my country. There are some of courses subject from business to programming. There are many general subjects, the topics are not that deep. So, I focus in programming subjects and chose Kotlin and web development. I still get lost in Kotlin but I quite got the web development concept so I continue to learn web development. I plan to learn android development after web development.

I hope I choose the right way and can get job in this field.


Sorry for the late reply but I’m also on the same mission! Although the business is nothing big and I could rely on marketplace app, it’s always nice to have a branding out there in form of a professional website. Or maybe, the family’s business will be even bigger from there too – who knows?

Mine will not grow that much, it’s just an holiday renting property, but it is nice being able to be found more easily, even if already google itself offers various ways


I want to make more money , want more autonomy in my life


Wow, this is really deep! Thank you for this, it’s really got me thinking and has made my day! :slight_smile: