What or who is your source of inspiration

I am a code lover, I am a challenge lover, I love maths, i love creativity. All these are my source of inspiration. What about you?

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I really enjoy the fantastic collection of books the fine folks over at The Architecture of Open Source Applications have built. Lots of good and clever design discussion from some of the greatest minds in the game.
Many occasions have found myself setting out on a new project after having read a chapter or two.

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Me, myself and I, and also the ancient Babylonians.
All joking aside.

The makers of all the famous web applications and especially the people which taught them and “prepared the ground” for them.

Besides them, I like to listen to random people around me in order to resolve their griev for recognition on the market. This is a huge inspiration for developing software, for me at least.

What is your source of inspiration, if you have one then let us know?!

Looking forward to your reply.