What process happens next on Upwork after securing a project

My question in the case you secured a project on upwork (or any freelancing platform) to build a website from scratch , im enquiring how files and data exchange will be performed between the client and the developer , will it only be through github , should the client have full access to the code while you are working on it , how the client initaly will view the the first drafts of the website is it through free hosting services like netlify ? , and if he approved the final designed how the final code will be transferred to him (giving that buying a domain and host server is out of the scope of work) , and if the client asked for advice about domain and hosting what advice should the developer give.

Those are all things that should be discussed and written down before accepting the bid. The code might be in your git account (or something else) or theirs. How they view the iterations should be agreed on (though you might have a default plan). “Transferring the code” is up to you. A zip file? A link to your repo? In their repo? Whether or not you deploy it is part of the negotiation. You should also make it clear whether or not you are going to maintain it, for how long, and how to handle follow up work.

There is no set model for how to do that. You may want to look for blogs of people that do that kind of work a lot - they may say how they do things. I’ve only done a few, and they were on the clients git account, and they had other techs so I was just doing coding. Every situation is different.

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