What programming language do i learn if i want to get a job?

Not really. You could teach yourself quantum mechanics, but it’s not a job sector. You can’t get a job as a quantum mechanic. As others have said, you have unrealistic expectations.

Well, you could teach yourself a language in a few months. It would help significantly if you already had a technical background, but learning a programming language at a halfway useful level in a short amount of time is doable. But if you want to get hired at a job that pays actual money, the employer needs a wee bit of proof that you can actually do the job. This isn’t something specific to software development, this applies to any skilled job. Skilled work isn’t stacking shelves

Software development is an extremely in-demand job that pays very good money and which is open to people without specific qualifications. So sure, there are unscrupulous people who try to sell their courses as if you can just magically get a job in no time. But it’s a hard job that requires skill, common sense should tell you that any skilled work requires significant time investment to get those skills.

We use JS for everything. It’s also easy to learn for the most part.

Website: yes
Microservices: yes
Layer 4 Networking: yes
Layer 7 Proxy: yes
Automating Windows Desktop: yes
Fax Server: yes
AI: yes

With node napi you can hook into native libraries which means there’s not much JS can’t do and there are tons of jobs for it.