What projects can you suggest me creating?

Hi. I’m a beginner Front-End Web Developer and I already have skills to build something good but I don’t get many ideas. Until now I have written only simple things like buttons with sorts of different cool animations, navbars and stuff like that but nothing beyond that. What would you suggest I create? What did you create? What kind of site? Can you show some some of your first sites to me?

How about building FCC’s Responsive Web Design projects?


TODO-list with React
TODO-list with React linked to a Database

JavaScript game, Tic-Tac-Toe, Black Jack, memory, Poker?

3rd party API-app, here’s plenty of public apis to play around with. Maybe a weather app that updates automatically?

The responsive web design projects section on the FCC curriculum will keep you busy. Also, work on your weaknesses. If you haven’t used flexbox or grid yet, study them and make a page using them.

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