What projects could I add to my portfolio if I was not designer?

hello campers
Please, I have learned HTML, CSS, css3, JavaScript, jQuery, and about to start learning bootstrap
now I can code but I do not have any design background and I do not know how to use photoshop or any other alternatives, so I consider myself as a coder or developer only not a designer.

I want to add as many website projects as I can to my portfolio on Codepen or GitHub
please, how can I do this without being a designer?
and many thanks in advance

The way you phrase your question is a little weird. Just start off by looking at other people projects and see if you can replicate it without directly copying the code.

thanks for fast reply but I am talking about the design ( which can be created by photoshop ) not talking about the code

You do not need to be a designer to be a developer. Designers and developers are two different roles.
Focus on learning how to code your project . Look at examples and copy ideas here and there , its okay not be original.If you say you know how to use bootstrap , then u should know by now that bootstrap give the same looks for websites.

Freecodecamp has alot of projects that you can use for portfolio. And has tons of examples if you look at them.

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thanks for the helpful reply