What resources could I use for advanced JavaScript?

Hello, what resources could you recommend me for advanced tutorials for JavaScript?
Thank you!

People say these resources are pretty good:


I haven’t read the books yet, but I am about to finish the course on Udemy and I have to say, it’s a good one, which clarifies a lot of things.

Don’t let the title throw you off. It’s a good course.

Takes you from Contexts/Lexical environment, Types & Operators, Objects & Functions (namespace, json, this, function overloading, IIFE, closures, callbacks, functional), Object Oriented JS, Inheritance, Building objects, then in Section 9 – building your own framework/library.

The You-Don’t-Know-Js series is really good, as mentioned previously. I’m just starting Async and performance book, I do recommend them. I’ve got a few years of experience with JavaScript and still go back to read these books as Scopes and Closures can be quite difficult to understand, it’s good to be refreshed.

I also like to follow a lot of development blogs and I find the Net Ninja videos (on various topics not just JavaScript) very good too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW5YeuERMmlnqo4oq8vwUpg


Thank you guys! Thank you for having taken your time. I`m going to look at it carefully. I believe I’ll learn some new stuff from it. I have one more question about JavaScript, I`m doing Friend Of A Friend relationships simple social network. Could some of you help me?