What route should I take?

Should I study everything right from the beginning, as the site suggests? How long should it take if I am to do so?
I’m considering Business Analytics as an option for my MBA specialization, so would these certificates help me with my resume for college admissions?
I have about 10-12 months of time till my entrance exams, and I have taken this year off to prepare for them.

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freecodecamp is not a recognized institution that can give official certificates, what one gains from freecodecamp is experience and knowledge

would a project you have made work to give you credit for that?

@Leahleen, you are absolutely right, Freecodecamp is best for gaining experience and knowledge. @pathakaditya256 you should start from the beginning and should follow the curriculum. The learning curve varies from person to person. Some may learn faster than others. So, no one can tell you the exact time of how long you will take for learning.

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I do believe that having knowledge about a particular topic is more beneficial, than a certificate. However, my B.Sc. specialization is in Hospitality, applying for an MBA in Business Analytics seems rather out of the blue. I need a tangible proof to justify that I really am interested in pursing a career in Analytics, and that I have put in a lot of effort and time to make myself eligible for it.
How I got interested in this is a rather long story, but I am prepared to do it.