What’s your setup?

I’ve been asked by 2 separate web developers, “What’s my setup?”. I don’t quite understand what this means. When I asked them what do they mean, I get a confused look and they then reiterate, “Oh, like what is your setup?” I honestly was too embarrassed to ask them again exactly what they meant, so I’m asking here in hopes of getting everyone’s feedback on this. I know there isn’t a lot to go on, but is this a term or something that I should know? Is this something obvious that I’m missing?

I’m guessing that they mean what is your development environment. Without any other context if someone asked me “what’s your setup” I would probably say something like “I’m on Windows 10, but my codebase is on a remote Linux environment. I’m using WebStorm as my IDE and MobaXterm to connect to my server.”

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Appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

My setup is “setup.exe” :smiley:, kidding.

Like @ArielLeslie stated. I’m not a front-end dev, but probably they asking the platform, frameworks and way you do.

Happy setup!