What screen size do you start designing with?

I’m just curious when it comes to mobile first web design, what would be the best / smallest screen size you should start with when designing your websites?

make your browser as narrow as possible and start from there?

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On codepen or on FCC ?

@ilenia I usually inspect and use the mobile view where it shows the exact dimensions of specific phones, I just wasn’t sure if there is a generally agreed upon width in pixels that you should start with.

Not for FCC regular curriculum but when I’m doing the projects or other stuff I use VS Code and view what I’m doing in my browser.

But as far as I know, Chrome, for example, doesn’t get lower thn 500px anymore. The one way I’ve managed to circumvent this issue was by downloading an extension called “window resizer”, them I select my project’s live server window with it AND select the option to open as a pop-up . That way, it’s possible to resize the screen down to 320px (which is the lower i’m going) and the I can work on the project

You can just right click on your page and select ‘inspect’ and there’s a button for mobile view where you can select from a dropdown menu of specific modern phones to see what your page would look like on those phones and the Galaxy Fold goes down to 280px, also there is a ‘responsive’ view where you can bring the width all the way down to 50px.

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