What seems challenging today will one day become easy!

After completing the amazing Responsive Web Design course from I wanted to immediately put those skills to practice.

I’m familiar with web-design using templates and have built many sites using Wordpress, Clickfunnels & Shopify.

However the feeling of accomplishment I have now that I am able to build a website from the ground up using code is humbling. I never though I could learn such skills. I always put myself in a box of limitations of which I have now broken free.

I understand now that if your “why” is great enough and you apply yourself with zero distractions. Actually… ANYTHING is possible!

I share this because I hope that someone see’s this post and realises that learning new skills is easier than one might think. Self-confidence is everything, and if you constantly put yourself down as I have in the past, you will never reach your full potential.

We all have the ability to achieve amazing things in life. But first we must truly believe this within ourselves.

You can checkout my latest project here: https://lnkd.in/d4RcWecK

Stick with it and you will get there!

Have a great weekend all :handshake:


Thanks for the motivation

If ever it becomes “easy,” it seems to me something’s being missed. Rather, each time I reach that pinnacle of understanding, grokking some concept that was baffling me for a while, I find that the view is new exciting things to learn.

Development, it seems to me, is modern-day cartography. We each start with a blank canvas, and as we learn, we build out our “mental map.” We fill in routes or hamlets along the way, we sometimes find we need to revise areas were thought we’d already got right as our knowledge expands. Our map gets bigger and bigger, outlining more familiar territory, but we should always have here be dragons places waiting to be explored!

It might become familiar, it might become easier, but it seems to me if it’s easy I’m taking something for granted…


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