What should i be taking away from the lessons?

Hello all. I am a stay at home dad, 40 yrs old. I just created an account an am completely new to coding. I just did the first two for beginner lessons. My main question is this…Should i be memorizing ALL of the code language and termionology? Or, is it enough just to complete the lesson and move on to the next one? I am sure that it all becomes easier to remember with repetition, but I dont know how the lessons are laid out or if reference material is used for knowledge when completing pjojects in future in my hopeful career/job.

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To be a productive coder you will need to memorize a lot of the terminology, and you will the more you code. When I started to learn here I copied and pasted the test question and my answer to a Pages document (you could use Word or whatever you use) so I could look back to see how to do things. And I referenced my notes a lot while learning. I got my full stack certificate last year and have continued to code and learn. I don’t remember exactly how to do everything in the lessons, but I know it can be done (or with more experience you know what question to google) so I still google how to do something. And will always have to google how to do various things. But it does become easier the more you code and do actual projects.

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you can take the lessons as a way to familiarise with the language
the curriculum expect you to use the Read-Search-Ask method, that included going back to check if you don’t remember the syntax for something, or checking the documentation (ex. devdocs.io )

it’s normal to consult documentation, even pretty often