What should I do, 2 carriers 1 resume 1 LinkedIn profile

Hello, everybody,
I would like to ask, how should I approach this situation?
I am a Finance officer with 9 years of experience energy trading environment and have a Master’s Degree in Management and Organization. BUT a am also using my spare time for almost two years, coding my portfolio: https://jullo.biz/ (code review would be nice)
On top of all that I am moving to Calgary so I don’t have that liberty to say I will choose to code against finances or another way around.

What should I do? any suggestions?
Theorize like Jean-Luc Picard would say :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Very nice portfolio-

  • there are some spelling mistakes (and maybe grammar…) in some of the popups for your projects. I don’t know if English is your first language or not…

  • When clicking on a link in nav bar- it does go to the right section but then I have to scroll back up to check out the other links (or I could just scroll up and down :). Maybe make the nav bar “sticky” so that it’s visible while scrolling up and down?

  • I’d suggest changing the resume format from docx to pdf or provide both types as some people use Macs and don’t always have MS Word even though I think Pages will convert. Wasn’t fond of having to download it but that’s me.

As for careers- go with what you really want to do. If you don’t feel comfortable in the idea you may not get a job in coding/Web Dev immediately, consider staying with finance when you move to Calgary then continue looking for Web Developer jobs there. That way at least you will funds to keep you under a roof and food in your belly for a while :). Otherwise if you know/think you can land something in Web Dev, go for it I say.

Make it so- Engage!
(also Jean-Luc Picard- I’m a huge fan of Star Trek:TNG)

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Hello Ducky,

Thank you for pointing out for spelling and grammar, I checked all of the portfolio and found 10-15 mistakes.

Yes, Navbar is annoying I was thinking to fix it somehow.

Resume download, I was hoping that tooltip is enough, but now, maybe I will make a separate page with the document, and there should be a download PDF button.

As for careers- go I will definitely try with Finance and continue looking for Web Developer jobs.

I was hoping that somebody was in a similar situation and did found an effective way to make a LinkedIn profile and resume while covering both careers.

But I guess when you come to an intersection you have to choose one way.

Star Trek :+1:

It’s tough to do that I agree. I have had to do that twice in my lifetime- first when I switched from a “social service” type job to IT (started as a QA Tester) years ago… and now when I decided to try to move from Mainframe testing to Web Development…and currently in a job unrelated to IT to keep me afloat. I don’t have the added ‘bonus’ of moving - yet.

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