What should I do after high school

Am in grade 10 now so I will be leaving high school soon. Obviously now I am wondering what should I do when am finished. I have relatively good skills in web dev and I started mobile dev with react native 2 weeks ago. Could I get a job straight after? I rather not go to college because of loans, in addition, I am going to do ossu cs path on github. Any advice would be great.
Ps. Am from Jamaica and I was planning to go to the US for better opportunities

Could I get a job straight after?

Sure, maybe. It depends on your portfolio, etc.

I rather not go to college because of loans,

I think that is a huge miscalculation. Yes, it may cost some money, but in the long run it almost always pays off much more in future earnings. Getting a degree is one of the best ways to ensure a solid future.

If college is an option for you, I strongly urge you to consider it. I would say this to any high school student, but especially since you aspire to move to the US. I understand that the idea of student loans can seem extremely overwhelming, but computer science is one of the fields of study where the return on investment is very good, if you work hard and stay focused. I understand that a degree isn’t a good path for everyone, but for a young person like yourself I recommend trying to find a way to make it work.

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