What should I do next?

I’m on the Javascript Course right now on FCC. I also know HTML, CSS, Java and basic C++ and I recently took up Python and then got into it. I wrote a Superstore program in Python with an Excel Database that is continuously updated and now that I am done with that project, I don’t know what to do next.

I am a student and I’m exploring various fields in coding and everything calls to me. I cannot choose a specific thing to get into and I want to dabble into everything and see what I like best.

So I’d like some opinions or suggestions on what I could do next? Django? Back-End Languages? Brush up on maths for more complex programs?

Also is this the right sub forum for my question?


i dont think anyone can answer that question for you. What you should choose is what you consider the most appealing for you to learn/work with. Personally, i follow the FCC sections, which give very good fundamentals on different sides of coding and mostly put them in good order to follow. You get some frontend, you get some backend, you are introduced to various tools regarding those fields etc. After having a glimpse of each field, you can better etimate what appeals best for you. Even if you’ve spent time on learning the basics of a field you did not find interesting, it still can be of good serve to you in future as its always better to have a wider view on how things are built. I mean, even if you focus on frontend, its very useful to know how backend works, or how data visualization looks, even if you dont use that in your work, or know how databases are handled. Things are intertwined.

Excel is not a database. Excel is a spreadsheet tool and spreadsheets are designed to be interactive. Databases are designed for use by programs. It will be extremely beneficial to learn about databases.

Yeah that makes sense. I think I’m being impatient, wanting to learn and know everything quickly. Thanks!

Oh yeah! What I meant to say was that I stored data in excel and then called it from python. And yes I think I’ll look up databases because I did actually think that Excel was a database. Thanks!

Actually Excel is a simple “database” as data is stored about the same way as a MySQL. Namely rows and columns. But it has no “engine” of its own so you cannot use it in web development.

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