What should I do?

I applied for a job about a week ago and I was very surprised when someone from the company sent me a request on linkedin about half an hour later. I sent a simple thank you for connecting message and he responded saying he and the developers were really impressed. Now, I plan to relocate so this job is like 200 miles away. Now they’re aware of this (it’s in my CV and on my profile) and he asked, for confirmation I guess. I said I’ll definitely be moving up there just as soon as I find a job. I also mentioned that I can move very quickly, should I receive a job offer. That was it. I haven’t received a response since and I don’t know what I should do. Should I send another message or should I just be patient. I don’t want to be pushy or anything, I just want an update, really. I’m thinking maybe they have a deadline and are waiting for more applications to come in? I say this because they tweeted a “we’re hiring” announcement today. But then they’re also hiring for a couple of other positions.

I’ve still been applying to other companies. I’m not just waiting to hear about this one. I do really really want it though. :joy: Anyway I just wondered if anyone has been in this position before and if so, what did you do?

How long has it been since you last sent a message? I’m no expert in this matter, but after a week I would send another message reiterating your interest. Never come across as desperate or demanding an update, just send them a message that you are interested in talking more about the position and that you are available anytime/weekdays after 5/on Wednesdays when the moon is in waxing gibbous phase.

I don’t know if it’s worth doing this every week or just once, but I think you’ve got at least one follow up message before you are considered annoying and needy.

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If you applied for this job a week ago, then you’ve been waiting less than a week. That is nothing. I know it is easy to feel like it is taking forever, but what you don’t see is that these guys are bogged down in meetings, other interviews, work in general, etc. You are thinking, Get a job now, now, now! and you don’t understand why they are not moving with that urgency. You want an offer today, but they may not even be planning to make a decision for a month or more.

Just relax, take a deep breath. This is a long process. I would wait at least 2 weeks before sending a reminder, “Hey, I didn’t hear back from you and am just checking in…” note.

In the meantime, assume that you don’t have the job. Just keep pursuing everything else. You don’t have a job offer until you have something in writing, either and actual document, or something in an email. Do not even consider moving until you have something in writing. Go ahead and check out apartment prices for research, but don’t act until you have an actual offer.

Be patient. If you are like most, this will happen several times. I’ve been looking for four months now and have had about 5 “oh shit, this is it!” moments, We just have to keep at it. Eventually hard work, skill, and persistence will intersect with luck and then we’re set.


Thanks for your advice. Obviously I’m aware that it’ll take time. I wasn’t expecting to get a job immediately. I’m going based off what I’ve experienced so far and the companies that have responded to me have done so quite quickly. I just wanted to get an idea of how long it could take. I know every company is different. I will of course keep trying. I’m a pretty optimistic person so I know I’ll find something, it just takes time. Thanks again for your input. I appreciate it :grinning:

I agree with this. When my team posts a job, we have to keep the posting up for 4 weeks. Then the search committee has to finish reviewing and scoring the applicants. Then the committee has to decide who they want for the first round of interviews. They might also have to discuss interview questions if its a new or updated position.

I work at a university and there’s lots of rules with the hiring process. Tons of bureaucracy to adhere to. Not everywhere will have such a heavy process for hiring, but it can still take a lot of time to get to the stage where you contact people for interviews. I can’t count the number of Glassdoor reviews about interviews that I’ve read that begin with, “I applied for the job and was contacted to interview 4 weeks later.”

I would wait 2 weeks too before following up with them, and probably only follow up the one time. That’s good news that they were impressed from the beginning, though! If they were impressed, someone else is likely to be too! :+1: :sparkles:

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Thank you for your advice! It’s made me a feel a lot better about it. I’ll definitely be more patient and just give them some time.

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Yeah it is a pretty small company as well so it makes sense that they’d be really busy with other stuff. I’ll keep applying for other jobs for sure. Thank you for your advice :slightly_smiling_face: