What should I learn after i finish the javascript course in the curriculum

I finished the javascript course in the curriculum, but it only taught me pure javascript, it didnt teach me how to interact with html and css, and i dont know if there are other things i should learn in javascript. So please someone tell me what should i learn in javascript next and where to learn

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Hi there and welcome to our community!

I would continue with the next certification, Frontend Development Libraries.
This will introduce useful CSS libraries such as Bootstrap and SASS but also jQuery, which is a Javascript library used to interact with HTML on the frontend. The React/Redux course is a little outdated as it’s based on v.17 (and v.18 introduced major updates which are not covered here).

However, if you feel ready to dive straight into the backend, you can jump to Back End Development and APIs, where you’ll use Javascript to build server-side apps.


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