What should I learn first React.js or Vue.js?

By now I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I want to learn a framework, so what should I learn first? React.js or Vue.js?

Hi @marina_khamis !

I feel like this question is really subjective and you will probably get a variety of answers.

But here is my opinion.

If you are just learning for fun then you can start with react or vue.

If you are working towards becoming a professional developer, then you should choose the framework that is most in demand for your area.
(react, angular or vue)

I am learning and building projects with react.
I love working with it.
The documentation is great and there are a lot of resources to help you get started.

Hope that helps!

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I want to be a professional frontend web developer but I’m a beginner so IDK exactly what should I start with
So you think the best option for work is react ?

Based on my personal observation, react seems to be more popular than vue.
But there is also angular too. :grinning:

But as I mentioned earlier, if you are in an area where there are more postings for a particular framework then it would be smart to learn that first.

A lot of times, I have seen posts that say this.

  • Familiarity with Angular, React or Vue.

If a lot of jobs in your area want you to just learn any of the popular frameworks, then I would choose react.

That’s just my opinion :grinning:

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I am biased, being a professional React developer.

I look at it this way: Which is more likely to get you a job? I just did a glassdoor search for the US. I see 52k jobs listed that contain “react” and 3k for “reactjs”. I see 142 for “vue” and 733 for “vuejs”.

So, if your goal is to get a job, I would think that React would be a way to go. A lot of people loooooove Vue and like to talk about how cool it is. I never really cared - I wanted a job.

You’re post asks, “What should I learn first…”

I think learning one really, really, really well will be better than learning both.

A lot of times, I have seen posts that say this.

  • Familiarity with Angular, React or Vue.

Just to be clear, yes, I agree with Jessica that there are a lot of ads that say that, but I don’t think that that means that they really want all three. A lot of times (afaik) this is because an engineer told the HR person, “we use Angular, but if they know React of Vue, we can work with that” and this gets translated to what you see above. You have to take a lot of these jobs postings with a grain of salt. True, there might be some jobs where you would be working with each of those platforms on different projects (especially if you are working for a for hire shop) or where they need something ported over from one to the other… but there can’t be nearly as many as seem to be listed.

And again, I think you open up more jobs by learning one really well.

In my past life I was a jazz musician. There was this guy that wanted to learn to play “every” instrument. He took lessons in several. He got OK in all of them. But he never got hired for gigs because he was never great at any of them.


@kevinSmith @jwilkins.oboe You were so helpful thank you so much, I’ll learn React.js :heart: It has a wonderful documentation and It has a lot of job opportunities as you both said

Thank you both again :heart:

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And of course, FCC teaches React. But you’re right, the docs are great. I also supplemented it with a lot of youtube videos (FCC didn’t have the curriculum when I learned). Brad Traversy’s videos were my favorite.

React is really weird at first. But if you stick with it, it actually turns out quite elegant and powerful, once you wrap your head around it.

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