What should I learn to complete these task?

So I google search about front end developer interview questions and stumble upon this take home task. My question is, what should I know and start learning in order to complete these kind of task? I am fairly new and aspire to be a web developer.
I currently just finished with the basics of html,css and javascript on this site.


  • As guest, I want to be able to register an account.
  • As guest, I want to be able to login using registered account.
  • As user, I want to see list of products after login.
  • As user, I want to be able to add product to cart.
  • As user, I want to be able to place order for added products in cart.
  • As user, I want to see my order history. As user, I want to be able to logout.

Bonus Tasks

  • Verify email after registration
  • User activity log e.g. login, logout, add to cart, place order etc
  • Product attributes and filtering e.g brand, category
  • Different user can see different price for products
  • Add unit tests
  • Deploy app to a server

Those seem to be the requirements for a full-stack position, not a frontend one. Unless they provide you with a backend endpoint. You basically need to know everything starting from setting up a database, the backend, and the frontend in order to complete the task.
That’s just my opinion. :sweat_smile:


Thats quite odd, considering the candidate who shared specified that it was his take home project for front end developer internship. But I suppose they want to evaluate some back end knowledge too? If you dont mind, can you point out which part of the task require back end knowledge?

All the stuff dealing with user login, logout and authentication is backend.
Also, it looks like you would have to manage these products so some sort of database would be required.

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Also, this requires you to find a hosting platform for your app and set up ip’s that can access or change your data. It’s really complex.

And this I don’t even know, based on location, OS?
This sounds more like a take-home ‘do a whole project for a client that we have’ thing to me. :sweat_smile:

This seems like a lot to ask for an internship position IMO.
Most front end take homes would ask you to work with some sort of API they give you and display the results on the page.
Maybe they would ask for some sort of added pagination or search bar.

But building out an online store seems like alot.

freeCodeCamp has some take projects in their interview prep section.
The first 2 projects would be something you would encounter in a take home situation IMO.

That sounds right even for a junior position. Two months ago I had to build the frontend of a store and make it pixel perfect to a design on figma. But they provided a graphQL endpoint with all the needed data and conversion rates and they didn’t require any authentification or non-frontend related stuff.

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It’s possible that if this is a front end position, the challenge would provide an API that you can call. (Presumably they have provided a working application with just specific pieces missing.) If not, you could mock the API response (you would need to do this in unit tests anyway). If this was a live interview instead of a take-home test, talking about the API (rather than implementing it) would probably be part of the exercise.

The “bonus” tasks look like full backend implementation though. Honestly, the amount of work that would be required to build this whole thing is something that I would refuse to do as a take-home interview. (Personal judgement call. I’m pretty strict on how much unpaid labor I will put in to just to talk to someone.)

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