What should I take

Hey . My Passion is to be a cyber security Engineer. I’m a fresher knows nothing. Can you please explain me which are the courses that I should take from here?

Thank you

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I think you would also like to know about HackTheBox Academy.
I have not had the time to dive in it yet as I found it a week ago but I went through a little bit and it’s great.
I’d also recommend CS50 course before you start here or start here at FCC once the CS50 course touch web-programming.

Good Luck

I don’t really know about HackTheBox but I use Hackerone, HackThisSite, and Hellbound Hackers.

YouTube is also an INCREDIBLE resource. One channel I enjoy is computerphile.

Basically, just learn to hack through making your own websites and seeing if you can compromise them and stuff… so, practice. Then, really learn a lot through videos, reading, and people explaining it to you. etc

EDIT: I CAN’T believe I forgot this, but utilizing OWASP resources and info is great. They have some cool info on their site.

GitHub also has curated lists you can search for github awesome lists cyber security that contain a lot of information.

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