What should I write in my portfolio?

HI folks,

This might sound like a dumb question but please bear with me. I’m currently building my portfolio page that I plan on hosting as a github page (hopefully). I’ve just about finished the whole site but now I am at that point where I have to write an about me section and I am pretty stuck. Do I write some sort of personal essay? Should I stick to the relevant job experiences and credentials? Do I try to write/make something unique? What do typical code portfolio’s say about the author?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Keep it simple. Imagine your audience to be a perspective employer. The content about your self should focus more on what you can provide as a developer and less about your personal life. The exception to this would be if you had a special hobby or interest that a specific industry would find relevant and you can some how relate your developer goals around that hobby or interest.

For example, let’s say I really enjoy running (which I personally do). If I wanted to work at a company like Strava (who has a fitness app/website around running, cycling, and/or swimming), then I would definitely mention my interest in running and explain how I would like to work for a company who caters to the fitness market to help them better connect with potential running customers.

Also, if I was interested in this type of market, then my portfolio better have some examples of fitness apps/websites that I have already created.