What side projects are you working on?

Just for fun on the side, I have been creating 3D games with Unreal/Unity and modeling in Blender.

I’m creating a stories site, also an API for the quotes project.

Just curious - how have you found Blender? I’ve been investigating trying to start a project in the 3D/AR/VR space, and found it recently. It seems like a great tool, and I’m a big fan of their “free forever” policy. :grin: Any advice? Trials and tribulations? Notes on general use?

I’ve found Blender for Noobs really nice to get an introduction to various tools (youtube).

I’m taking some college programming courses. I find i need deadlines and real pressure in order to commit to learning something.

I noticed this thread hasnt been updated in a while. Wanted to share I’ve been working on a Node JS web scraper that gathers data about TT rates from an website and displays a line graph with D3.

Here is the app:


And the code:

Two weeks left in my first programming class at the university of the people (intro to programming with Python), then starting CS50x on edx.
Found a project in Python using pygame that creates a flappy bird clone, opting to work on the code and submit some changes and improvements via GitHub.
Finally, ending a book on android app programming and starting a new one by the same author on android game programming (John Horton -Packt Publishing)

Add to that learning how to use a TI nSpire calculator for my first math class in 30 years…

I made an implementation of forth in Haxe, with my end goal being a virtual console like Pico 8. Although I’m using some of what I learned there to implement a reverse polish notation calculator for the front end calculator project.

My favorite not-asked-for-by-fCC project was when my daughter brought home a spelling word list and I made an audio flashcard quiz for her: http://codepen.io/AbdiViklas/pen/PbZqPK . I really want to improve it in the future, using the apparently-new and worlds-better Oxford Dictionaries API, and build it a back end user system instead of window.localStorage.

I completed my FCC Front End Certification last year in 2016 and started working as a freelance Node.js developer from January this year just to get an outlook on what’s out there.

During this time, I built one open source project that is a Twitter Bot of #100DaysOfCode, now a part of FCC organization and wrote a tutorial series on how to create a Twitter Bot with Node.js.

I am looking forward to start working on projects for Backend Certification now.