What Sort of Specific Opportunities & Experience do You Prefer?

Hello fellow campers. I am curious to know if anyone is focusing on specific types of employers in searching for development jobs. For example do you aspire more to be coding for any type company,or doing any job for a specific type of company?

For my part I have been a programmer in universities, hospitals, banks, and wholesalers–mostly larger, long established companies. Also governments.Only a few times in my career have I worked for start-ups other than my own.

I’m returning to development after a break of a few years I’m not entirely sure right now what kind of company I would choose to work for if I had to choose–and I suppose that defaults me to be open to coding jobs at any type of company. Though one thing that seems fascinating would be to work in some industry that I have not yet had a lot of experience with.

What do you all consider your dream position/company?

I am not at the level yet, but my dreams are:

  • CEO at a startup
  • Software Engineer at SpaceX / NASA
  • CTO or technology manager for a large company

Will I ever be one of those? Only God knows…


Anything in a field relating to my current hobbies or beliefs. Positions and names are but silly bait.