What sorts of other technologies outside of the language I build my app in would I need for a distance tracker?

You know , an app that tracks how far I’ve walked.Is it a plausible app to build for an intermediate level programmer? I want to make it as simple to build as possible.

What do you mean by what sorts of other technologies? Anything you build in is going to require a framework, and that framework will have an API for geolocation. You only really need access to the location, so you can get start and end coordinates, then you can apply something like the Haversine formula. Start the app at start of walk, stop at end, calculate distance. Optionally you also access the accelerometer to guess if you’re walking or not (but that logically would require the app to always work in the background, so only applicable if it’s Android).

What do you mean by intermediate-level?

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Intermediate in the sense that I am well versed in the basics of my language and have built a few simple and intermediate projects

I assume JavaScript? React Native, NativeScript, Ionic and Cordova are all mobile frameworks that are programmed using JavaScript

If you want to build for IOS, you’ll normally need a Mac (the React Native framework Expo allows for IOS builds as it’s done on their servers, I assume there are similar things for other frameworks??? I dunno)