What specific steps can I take?

Started coding this year, got the first three certificates and with a bit of effort I’m sure I could get the Data Vis. certificate (two projects left) as well as the first Python certificate this year as well.

The last couple of months I didn’t really do anything, since in looking for jobs I felt like FCC wasn’t really giving me a deep enough knowledge to be qualified. So I am doubtful wether just collecting more certificates really is the way to go.

What really gets me going is the thought of learning something on my own and being able to make a living off of that. FCC was/is especially great on that path, since all the tasks are in a very ‘checklist’ kind of style. To me it feels easy to do them, because I know it’s only a matter of staying disciplined and literally just doing what is asked of you.

But again, as mentioned before, I am not sure, that this is the most efficient way to get there at this point.

So if you could provide a more or less specific set of steps I could take in order to get into a position where I can make a living off of this it would be tremendous, but any advice is greatly appreciated!

You need supplementary resources for your specific situation. Beside FCC I follow Youtube courses and make random projects from codepen samples.
You may do this and follow from Udemy courses as well. Just keep assessing your skills and learn to fill the hollows.
Happy coding :]

Thanks! Would this be fair to say? : Expand knowledge through other channels and apply in projects. From time to time apply for jobs to test the waters.

for me, half of the learning happens in the job interviews! Once I get stuck in something I go and research a lot. But it shouldn’t be like that
personally, I think making real-life projects are a better approach. Instead of getting surprised, you teach the interviewer something and really feel the progress.

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That’s the biggest difference between curriculums and jobs. On the job there is no checklist. That’s why it is mandatory to learn to create the checklist yourself.

So asking for a new checklist in this topic is actually what you should avoid. Learn to create your own checklist.

Makes sense, thank you!