What Steps Should I Take

Hi. The whole process of creating a web app first seems to be pretty simple, but later it turns to be too confusing and complicated. I would admire if someone could draw me a guideline, what technologies to learn and apply. I have an aim now to create a fully functioning e-commerce store. So to be more concrete, I want to make a plan, but I don’t know the whole process of launching such a website.
For example, do I need to code back-end for e-commerce site, if yes than what to learn? How to implement payment methods, make my site secure, what hosting can I use and so on.
Or maybe there is a ready guidline like that and u could share the link? Cheers

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I’m going to try to answer to this.

I am a bit confused, is your final goal to be a developer or create a fully functioning e-commerce?
I’m asking that because, if you just want to run an e-commerce there are plenty of solution online which will allow you to build a website without knowing anything about coding.

Otherwise, I’d suggest you start the courses and projects from FreeCodeCamp.
I would suggest this order:

  • Responsive Web Design Certification
  • JavaScript Algo and Data Structures Certification
  • Front End Lib Certification

From that point, you will have some knowledge regarding the Front End part of web development, and you should know if you appreciate working with Javascript, if so, you can simply continue to work on the next certification from FCC like:

  • API and Microservices Certification
  • Quality Insurance Certification

FCC, in my opinion, does not provide a straight roadmap to become web developer, it teaches you the basic notions that you will/might need, but this is up to your to bundle everything together and figure out how to do X or Y task by building FCC suggested projects, or some of your personal projects.
That kind of learning is my personal preference, but it’s not for everybody.

If you need a straight roadmap, I would suggest you to have a look at The Odin Project which provide a more linear way of becoming developper.

Hope I answered your questions :slight_smile:

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As a project to learn full stack an e-commerce site is a great idea. As a production ready site, using something you build learning full stack might not be the best idea. Or you need to make sure you get it right and preferably have the code reviewed.

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Thanks for your reply. E-commerce web site is a part of a start-up project I`m involved in as a beginning developer, and mostly i’m involved in it to get skills and experience. Obviously, on a later stage the other members of team will expect me to deliver good projects :slight_smile:
I was also thinking about using WordPress first, and as I understand it does all the back-end for you, and maybe I will still choose it for the first project, but later wanna develop my skill to be able to everything on my own.

Yeah, I agree. So maybe it’s the best to use CMS such as wordpress while I’m learning. Btw, I watched this video today, but of course didn’t finish as its quite long. Does it cover the whole process and the service can be launched in the end?

There are a lot of popular preexisting eCommerce solutions (like shopify for example).

I didn’t watch the video so I can’t answer your question but it is deployed to Netlify so I’m guessing it might be client-side only. I’m not sure how the data is handled.

You can check some of the other videos I linked to, if it is MERN it should have some server-side stuff.

Thanks for mentioning MERN, I haven’t heard it before, but after searching it clarifies
a lot about which technology can be used for each part of development process.