What tech should I choose next after 5.5 years as FE web developer

Hey :wave:,

I am FE Angular web developer having total experience of 5+ years. As Angular framework is slowly getting less and less popular. I want to move on to other technologies.

However given so many tech choices, I am completely stuck.

My main goal is to be competent & job market ready in coming years.

So far I have listed following tech stack, from which I need suggestion to pick one.

  1. Spring boot REST API development.
  2. Dot Net Core Web API development.
  3. Data Science using python.
  4. any other suggestion is also welcome

My current skill set is JS, Angular, Node, familiar with ReactJS.
Thank you for your help. I am from India.

I don’t think that Angular is going anywhere, but it sounds like you want to leave frontend development. The way I figure, you can either pursue the one that you are most interested in or you can look at your local job listings and see what is most in demand.


Just a small hint - you’re getting 90% .Net Core recruiters most likely because somewhere on the web you’ve listed that skill :wink:

The recruiters that ping you will be looking for whatever skill you advertise on linkedin, github, etc.

I like @ArielLeslie 's advice and will only add to also consider what you want to build rather than what tool you want to use to build it.

Consider writing down a few interests and then research to see what the real work entails. Now that you’ve been working for 5 years you know there is the interesting work and then the rest of it which also takes up a lot of the hours in the day.

For example, since you mentioned data science, maybe data viz would be a cool place to explore? Start playing with some datasets and d3.js to see what neat things you can build.

My 2 cents is that choosing a tool first is like a chef deciding what to cook based on which kitchen appliance looks the coolest :laughing: