What technologies i need to learn so that i can successfully complete this project?

Project idea:
To build a simple conflict-resolution system into a website, then allow that website to be used as a tool to help two peoples that hate each other come together through human understanding._

This project would be used to solve the Isreali - Palestinian conflict.

_The project is to build a website where people can build or deconstruct a digital brick wall. This wall will be built up brick by brick, or pulled down brick by brick. _

Users first choose either:
I am an Israeli, or
I am a Palestinian

_Then they may read the bricks on the wall. _

_Like or dislike bricks on the wall. _

Add new bricks to the wall. Each brick is filled with a User-Added text statement of 120 characters or less.

Provide solutions to bricks on the wall. No limit to text?

Or comment to make the wall larger or smaller, such as:
Positives: “I believe we can get along” making the wall smaller.
Neutrals: “this is not my fight. I don’t hate you, brother” nor changing the size of the wall.
Negatives: “you killed members of my family, I can never forgive you” making the wall larger.

Keep a pie chart showing real numbers of people’s beliefs. How big is this problem? How much hate is there really? Is this just extremists? What is really happening?

Users should then be able to comment on each posted brick, with the format: I am Israeli: (+ comment), or I am Palestinian: (+ comment).

Give people a chance to vent - to discuss - to see each other as human. A way for the people to work out their anger publicly - without putting their hate into a bullet.

Each brick can be liked - strengthening the brick - or disliked - weakening the brick. Weakened bricks fall to the ground.

Solutions can be liked - negating a brick - or disliked until it falls to the ground.

_If there’s no wall - then the website should show grape vines and flowers growing. _

If the wall is high, there should be the sounds of machine guns rattling, people screaming, and children crying.

We could send this to the students of universities there and see what comes back.

Source: https://www.quora.com/profile/Scott-Thompson-13 (Quora)

If anyone can enlighten me by telling me what all technology,i need to learn so that i can successfully complete the project.
I really liked the idea…
.Any improvement in the idea is welcomed

Thanking you in advance

If anyone can provide any feedback