What text/book should I use to learn coding concepts?

Hi! Newbie here and have just started learning coding. I was wondering if there are free online texts or books that would help me understand coding concepts and how they relate to each other? For example, what is the meaning of div or target. Just so I can get a hang of the terms I’ll be seeing in fcc.

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This is a good start for beginners.



For freeCodeCamp I recommend using MDN (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference) and then the provided documentation for any framework you may use. Beyond that there’s the Gitter Chat, the forum, and StackOverflow for any questions you may have - realistically you shouldn’t need any books to be a developer.

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I just found this one today:

I’m a newb too, so someone else may be able to better assess its quality, but it’s free to read online or download (published via a cool service called GitBook). Past editions seemed to have been well-received, which is why I’m checking it out now.


It literally looks like a book of links to read when I took a quick look at that I wouldn’t use that book as my resource if I were you :confused:

Yeah, there’s some info, but it’s mostly links to resources. I’m sure there’s much better resources out there.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the concise and sensible breakdown of front-end topics - it has well-curated links - looks relatively up to date - thanks for posting


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A resource that is composed entirely of links to other resources isn’t really a reason. It’s like saying Google is a coding book. Obviously use whatever you’d like but keep that in mind.

I really liked this one: Web Design - Start Here by Stefan Mischook.

It wasn’t quite as beginner ad I’d hoped, but I’d studied some HTML and CSS and was able to understand much of it.

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Looks good, thanks for the link


Builds up from the basics while finishing each chapter with some general challenges. Good and free read.


This covers pretty much everything


I’ve been also building a more computer science book list here: https://topcsbooks.com