What things I need to have on portfolio projects

Hi all,

So I’ve finished all the front end certificates and before starting on back end decided to work on my portfolio. I looked for some projects to make and found some neat ideas.

So far I’m working on a memory game and a working ecommerce store. The memory game is fully complete built in React (though not yet hosted, here is github : https://github.com/JordanMMarsh/memory-game) such that cards appear in random order and animation flip over when clicked and when a match is made they stay flipped.

My question is related to what to add to these projects. I am not a web designer and the idea of web and graphic design doesn’t interest me, whereas the idea of coding apps like memory game, e-commerce store, battleship game, etc is super exciting.

I want to showcase my skills, but don’t feel like I have the capabilities or interest to make them incredibly visually polished. Do I need to add extreme polish? Or is just showing that I can make the game enough for applying?

Thanks for the help all
(below is title and easy mode, hardmode doubles amount of cards)

I don’t think you need to worry too much about web design if your focus is on development. Saying that, at least making it looking reasonable is a necessity. As a frontend developer you also need to know how to animate stuff, etc… For me, your game looks just fine! Good job and congratulations on your frontend certificate.

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According to the screenshot you’re doing just fine. It looks good.

If you want to be a software developer I guess big companies have a team of designers so I don’t think being good at UI design is a must.

Good work!

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