What this URL mean?

I’m working in the URL shortener projects and meanwhile manually the code works fine and do whats its supposed to do when I pass the test the app crash , after try several things I figure out that is for the format of the url that test uses. I want to manage that but I don`t know what this means


The first string are the ubication and for the ? symbol I supposed that the v is a query but that bunch of number don’t manage with the string I expected. Is a type of encoding?

Pd: meanwhile the post part of the code don’t work with this url either crash, but the get route crash when handling it even if accesing it via the browser works fine.

(I’m not sure if sharing code with replyit works, the code is here, if don’t work I’ll push to github)

code: boilerplate-project-urlshortener - Node.js Repl - Replit

The project tests use a URL with a query parameter to test that your URL shortener actually gets the hostname from the URL for hostname checking and not the rest of the URL. This is just a standard URL with an optional query parameter.

I didn’t do a complete debug, but your POST route likely won’t work past

   dns.lookup(replaceUrl, (err, address,family) => {

as that replaceUrl has the query parameter attached still and dns.lookup() only accepts a hostname. I suggest logging the route inputs and the URL before and after you process it to make sure that dns.lookup() is getting the appropriate input and consult the documentation on dns.lookup() for more details on its input.

Thanks! I don’t know why I don’t think in that before

update: I’ve had to experiment a bit but with that aproaching I have sucedeeded in passing all the test. Lots of thanks!!