What to do after completing fcc responsive web dev course and backend with API course

Hello everyone, I had acquired FCC Responsive web dev certification last year since then i made some basic frontend projects I learned Javascript on youtube and started learning React on my own then after a while when I was comfortable I came back to FCC for learning backend, I acquired Backend with API’s certificate at the start of march. Backend is something which I liked more personally since then I’ve been trying to apply for internships but not having any offers yet. I think I should make more fullstack projects and FCC certifications are not enough. What do you guys think and if you agree can you suggest me any real life project ideas that will land me part time internship?

The actual content of the projects doesn’t matter. Pick something that you will stay interested in for a long time. The important thing about projects is that they force you to do the hundreds of hours of practical experience that you need to be job ready.