What to do if i dont have idea of project to build with python?

Hi, guys.
I want you to ask something.
I am learning python for ~1week, 5+ hours a day, feel like i don’t understand still match, and was watched many yt videos were people suggest to learn and on the same time make some project, were you can put your new knowledge and keep adding new things. I really want to be programmer, but i feel like i am dumb, or maybe because of my bad understanding of English its going very slow.
Maybe you have some ideas witch you can give me, what i should try to build. And how to easy learn python.
Thanks, a lot!
p.s or should i learn more deep basic knowledge and then try to think about projects?
Have a nice day for all! :slight_smile:

Gocha, I struggle with this same problem myself. I don’t have many ideas for smaller projects when I learn a new language and the way that I want to use the language is too large in scope or complexity.

You will see if you search these forums that you are not the first person to encounter this issue, so do not despair! It is hard to be creative and think of a project out of the blue when you are just starting to learn something new.

Check out This Post by Aogenazo who links to a Reddit post with hundreds of ideas!

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