What to do immediately after the beginner Learn JavaScript course in CodeAcademy?

This is specifically directed towards people familiar witrh CodeAcademy. omegle

I just completed the beginner Learn JavaScript course and am wondering what to do right after.

Should I try to build some projects on my own? Should I move right to the Learn Intermediate JavaScript course? Or one of the other courses like Front End/Back End Engineer courses? Or should I just move on to HTML and/or CSS?

I have taken Python and C++ classes in college which taught me how to use the code in applicable situations and create “useful” projects in apps like Pycharm and Codeblocks. But this course basically just taught syntax and how to use certain parts of the language(functions, arrays, conditionals, loops, iterators, objects).

Just trying to get guidance on where to go from here to help retain the info I just learned as well as improve upon the skills I have just learned. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

why don’t you try to get the fcc cert?

there are 5 projects to complete to get the cert, if you can complete them you are at a good level to keep going in learning technologies built on top of javascript

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