What to do in parallel with FCC lectures

I am just starting the FCC course , if someone can advice what to do or learn or read or practice and from where along with FCC course lectures to make a solid understanding on web dev that would be highly appreciable and thankful:)

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I would recommend researching about:

  • Algorithms. How to solve algorithms and improving problem solving skills. For that, I recommend Hacker Rank.
  • Participate on open source projects. There are many projects that create issues with labels like good-first-issue, which are specifically created for people that are starting their careers. Read this post about how to find your first open source project to contribute to.
  • Read books about software design and architectural patterns. This is not specifically related to web development, but frameworks like Angular use a pattern called MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel), which would help you understand how it works. This may seem like a lot and mostly theoretical (for people used to “do” things fast, then it may seem boring), but it helps you build better software. On the other hand, forget about design and just be an Extreme Programmer.

The last point can be boring and can be omitted if you’re not planning on designing projects for yourself or others :stuck_out_tongue:… anyway, I hope this helps :slight_smile:,



This is a very good advice. You’ll come out a a software engineer not just a “coder”. I’ve published a repo with useful content for software dev.