What to do when you hit the wall

I completed the random quote generator the first week of this month, after that I been working on 2 jobs, collegue and learning english. I dont have the same time and I am under pressure as I really want to advance in the FCC curriculum and keep learning.Currently I am stuck at the Weather App and I couldnt help myself to complete it.

1)Should I try to sit down, throw everything I made in the Weather App( that was just a simple html and js function to convert celcius to F) and start again from scratch taking my time to try to learn the API and how I can make it work.

2)Should I stop with the Projects for a while and start with the Intermediate Algorithms?.

3)Should I start with the backend and visualization to learn more?

4)Should I relax a little and spent some time watching the FCC videos to calm down?.

I am trying to do my best this year, I started in my local university and thanks to FCC and everything I learned in the holidays I have more knowledge of javascipt and web developing.

What you people recommend to do when you feel you cant advance?

Just my humble opinions…

  1. If you can understand what you’ve done so far and it works and you still think it is a sound approach, then I would just pick up where you left off. Of course, you might learn something new or learn something better by starting again.

  2. I would be wary of jumping ahead. Not just because you may not have learned the concepts well enough but also sets a bad precedent that when you struggle, you just skip something.

  3. See #2.

  4. Definitely calm down. Just set some work goals (maybe use someone’s pomodoro) and make progress. Slow and steady wins the race. There are a lot of excellent videos out there to help you understand some of the concepts. And don’t forget to ask - just make the question specific.

Good luck.


I can’t remember where exactly I got this advice, but it has helped me make very good progress so far. I’m paraphrasing because I can’t remember the exact wording either, but;

Even if you only have a few minutes a day that you can spare toward learning something, you will have improved just a little bit more each day. Eventually you will find that you have improved a lot.

Some days you can only spare a few minutes. At other times you can devote a few hours or even a whole day. Take advantage of whatever time you have to improve even just a little. Even just that little bit is progress in the right direction.

Some days I admit I fail at even just that little bit. I get sidetracked on something or need to take a little break. But this thought is often running in the back of my mind and I try to take advantage of moments to improve myself whenever I can.

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