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I am going to study cybersecurity in college to become an ethical hacker, and I want to know how to keep my interests in web dev, game design, and film animation active once I pick a career field. I have interest in all these fields and wonder if I should pursue them as hobbies, but I would also like to have time to focus on my real work.
How do you balance work and (many) hobbies?

I think there’s a lot of factors that are involved in trying to keep a balance. How many responsibilities one has, married, have kids, the culture of the company you work at, or if you go the self-employment/consulting/freelance route.

All of these things make it difficult to keep a balance. If you really enjoy something, it may not feel like work because you’re doing something you want to do.

I think time management skills play a big part there too (which I personally suck at but am getting better at it).

I’ve had jobs (in an IT support role) where I’ve had to be on call due the company being a 24hr operation. I’ve had jobs I really enjoyed and worked 8a-5p with weekends off. I’ve had jobs were the schedule was a 4x12.

I’ve also had jobs where I couldn’t wait to accrue enough vacation time to take a week or 2 off (mostly because the culture sucked and was toxic), and jobs that didn’t feel like work.

I think there’s a lot off stuff like that which you can’t control, so you make the time to pursue your hobbies where you canand take advantage of days off.

We all have the same 24hrs. You could sit on the couch all weekend binging on Netflix, or use the time to do personal projects in webdev or film animation or whatever.

I think in our modern world where everything is connected, cybersecurity is evermore important and there’s overlap in many other branches of tech. Especially with backend webdev, databases, anything accessible online.

So the fact that some of that stuff is tangential to each other may help keep those other skills fresh, as opposed to if your hobbies had nothing to do with tech.

Honestly there was a time when I was working for myself where there was just too much stuff to do to have a balance (running a business is time consuming and hard). A lot of companies I’ve worked for preached work/life balance but in the end it was more of a buzzword and lip service.

It’s a difficult thing, that has to be actively managed. Most of the time for me it is out of wack because I enjoy tech, reading up on it, tinkering with things, etc. So it’s a major time sink (but in a good way).

In any field, I think it comes down to life skills, which comes with experience.

I think there’s general life principles to follow (lot’s of motivational books and speakers who touch on those things).

I think it’s different for everyone and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution as our lives are all unique.

Thanks, @a_aramini, that’s helpful. And you’re right, there probably is a job where I can do many things I like at the same time. :heart:

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For sure, it might just take a while to find that “perfect” mesh or fit. And don’t be discouraged if from time to time you have to take a job that is less than ideal, some people are lucky and land that dream job straight out of school, but for the majority, this takes time.

Meanwhile, bills still need to be paid and I think we’ve all had those kind of “just doing this for now for a check” type of jobs at one time or another.

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