What to focus on?

Hi Guys,
Its Ahmad here I am doing web development from last 3-4 years I’m working in PHP from the start of my career but last year I had an experience working with a react.js project from there I found that my interest is in JS and I start coding in JS and fully focused on JS and JS libraries I have worked a lot in react.js.
The issue is I don’t have strong grip on algorithms and data structures.
My question is should I focus on JS/React courses from lynda or should I focus on freecodecamp.org/w3school etc?
Means courses or online coding practice?
I want to be a good full stack developer.


With your experience with JS best learn JAM
(for JavaScript, Api, Markup)
It’s a modern architecture approach to web development that decouples
parts of a web app, making frontend, CMS or databases interchangeable parts.

Here you can learn the basics:

Here’s an example of a fullstack application with JAM

A possible roadmap:


  • JAM basics

  • React basics and move to Next.js

  • APIs/ data fetching from the frontend

  • Headless CMS (for example Strapi, Sanity, even Wordpress or Shopify)

  • which database types are used in JAM (mostly cloud)

  • Build your first JAM apps like the a restaurant frontend that you connect with
    a headless CMS, so the menu can be managed by the client.

I don’t know, I don’t think you have to get that specific. Do some React tutorials, learn a little redux, start building stuff. Figure out how to integrate it with your php.

As to sources, FCC has some, there are a lot of YouTube videos, and the React docs are great.

Just learn and build things.

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I want to de backend in JS also.
React video tutorials or learn react via codecamp?

I want to de backend in JS also.

FCC teaches the MERN stack, that uses React on the frontend and Node (JS) on the backend.

React video tutorials or learn react via codecamp?

Either is fine. Just pick a path and stick with it. One nice thing about FCC is that it gives a clear path for React. One weakness is that the FCC React materials haven’t been updated in a while and don’t use hooks, which are fundamental to modern React. Though, if you get the foundation, doing some videos to learn hooks would not be that tough.

I like that FCC provides a clear path and framework for learning. The only things to keep in mind are that it gets harder as it goes along, and at times the material is a little thin - it tries to cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. Don’t be afraid to google things and take little side quests to watch a video to figure something out. Actually, that’s good practice for being a developer - we do that all day long.

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