What to/how to study if you only have 2 hours a day

Hi Everyone,

I recently started to learn to code, as a hobby but with an eye to applying what I learn to my business activities (I work in ecommerce). At present, I am focusing on front-end topics and areas to study, so mainly HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery.

My question is: how should I structure my two hours (I know 2 hours is not enough, but that is all I have at this time.
) a day to be the most efficient in learning these skills. Right now, I am completing a Udemy course, as well as following the FCC curriculum. In addition, I am watching some youtube videos (mainly more general computer science stuff).

I appreciate all help and tips to study and learn as efficiently as possible.



Hi Andy,

Getting the most bang for your time buck…

My advice would be do the exercises and projects at FCC in the order given. The minimizes the side trips exploring interesting but perhaps not on target programming topics to only the ones you need to complete the assignments at hand.

This is not to say exploring these other topics is not valuable, they are, but if you first focus on the assignments and projects it will focus your available time exploring the topics you need in a more optimized, efficient way, a way that logically builds your knowledge in the correct order, and bringing in new topics at just the right time.


I highly suggest the Net Ninja Youtube Channel. I find it’s beginner courses simple and easy to understand.

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Two hours a day is fine, if you can do it every day. Since that is a fairly limited time, I would suggest planning it in advanced and making sure you can fully focus on it. Decide if it’s a Udemy day, FCC day, YouTube day and resist bouncing around. Make sure that you are working in a distraction-free environment. It’s estimated that a 5 minute interruption results in at least an hour of lost work for programmers, so don’t check your phone notifications, catch Pokemon, or get a snack until you reach a natural stopping point or your time is up.


I am in the same boat as you - right now I am just following the curriculum and tackling the problems. I would like to have a JS book nearby that I can use as a reference though. I’m trying to stay focused on what I need to know, it’s too easy to get side-tracked.

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