What to learn for basic

I need advice on what’s the best way to go to learning web development and landing a job, I’m on way to finish responsive web design cert but what should I do next? What is the best way to go about it and learn and land a job?

keep goign through the curriculum, build projects outside of the required ones for the curriculum, add them to your portfolio

networking, on twitter, meetups, forums, meet people

contribute to open source projects

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I think you need to do a little bit of reflection and find the learning gaps you may have. In doing so, don’t become a perfectionist because this sets you back instead of making progress and going forward.
Getting a job depends on many factors. You need to do a little bit of research about the job market in your area and, learn about their recruitment process and how they assess their candidates.
These are two things you need to go after for now.

  • First, recognize your learning gaps and try to fulfill those.

  • The second one is the job market in your area and, the skills required to get hired in it.
    These two provide you with insights and you can start googling and asking for more specific resources.

Happy cake day @ilenia :slight_smile:

thanks for your comment i will do that

thank you for that i will do that

Some resource to start with :slight_smile:

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