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I started learning Html and CSS with Free Code Camp as I am interested in web design and then was told that Html and/or CSS are basically on their way to becoming obsolete and it would be better to learn Word Press. Contrary to this Google claims that Html and CSS are extremely useful and necessary languages for 2022 and for the years ahead. Also Xml is considered highly worth learning after I queried about it.
If anybody can give me some clearance on this matter I would be most grateful.

For me personally, the idea that HTML and CSS are obsolete and people should only learn WordPress is like saying carpentry or using a screwdriver is obsolete because you can buy furniture pre-constructed.

I’ve used WordPress and I’ve had to muck around with CSS regardless to get the designs me or my clients want. WordPress is but one website building tool, there are many such tools out there all with drawbacks and advantages.

Overall I feel knowing CSS and HTML gives a much greater control over website design and function.


Thanks for the feed back

Should I learn Word Press as well or is it not a must ?

I’d personally say it’s worth learning how to use it, since it is a common tool for building websites. As a web designer, it’s a good idea to be able to use a diverse set of tools so you’re equipped for any design or function challenge.

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Thanks , I am going back to freeCodeCamp’s course . As long as what I am studying remains liable for the for seeable future I will do so.

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You know, I’ve never touched Wordpress yet. As I understand, you are familiar with it already. Any recommendations where to begin with WP? Any opinion about WP in general?

I’d say begin with a simple draft website to learn how to use the editor. I found it a little overwhelming at first as there’s lots of options, but you do get used to it. Wordpress does have preset themes and they’re fine, but learning to manipulate and edit them is useful.

Wordpress is good for making commercial websites for small and large businesses. I find it a bit heavy and bloated for personal blogging however. This is just my opinion, you may use it and feel completely differently.

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Got it, thanks for the answer

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