What to learn to be a web dev uk

Hi, I have been following the FCC curriculum since march. I have got through to the react section on the front end libraries certification. My question is that considering that there is so much to learn, what technologies and languages to I need to learn to get a job here in the UK.

I am not great at designing things my self but if I can work well to create something that has already been designed. Apart from that I enjoy working on projects and the satisfaction that comes with it.

For the past few years I have been working as an Uber driver and feel like my lack of a technical background may be a problem when it comes to a job.

What I am looking for is a list of things I need to be good at in order to be job ready. Many thanks. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


In my experience it’s more about knowing some technology really well than it is about knowing the right technology for a job. If you are rock solid on your JavaScript and React, a job that uses Angular or Vue is still likely to consider you as a candidate. Get really good at JavaScript. Learn one framework (any one) and learn a bit about other popular frameworks so that you could answer questions like “how do React and Angular differ?”. Practice writing tests. Work on some projects long enough that you have added features or fixed problems over time. If possible, work with others on a project – either some some friends on a side project for fun or by contributing to an open source project.

When it comes to junior developer roles, it’s much more about your ability than your specific skillset.


look at some job posts on dice or indeed and see what skills theyre looking for

What I did after finishing the FCC curriculum is went to job sites particularly front end engineer listings and chose what I learned from there. I think I picked up up SQL quite quickly after feeling comfortable with react. I advise you to spend a good amount of time on react and it’s various libraries.