What to put on my resume if I have no experience

I’m wondering what I should put on my resume. Normally, I put relevant work history.

But I’m looking for programming jobs, and I have no programming experience… so following my default pattern means 95% of the space is taken up by stuff that doesn’t seem relevant to programming (education, work history, etc), and a brief mention of skills in Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Ruby in a section where I show additional skills.

Also, do I put my informal programming education, such as freecodecamp, on my resume?

Should I upload my resume here so people can see it?

Hi, you might want to take a look at this thread: As a self-taught programmer with no work experience, how should I build my resume?


Thank you! I’m sorry I didn’t see that before.

No worries - I’ve done that lots and lots of times :slight_smile: