What to start with my Tribute page project?

What to start with my Tribute page project?
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I want help and guidance with my biggest challenge on my coding career, as I’m already nervous and confused where to start with this, what to put in tribute (Can I also create a tribute page that isn’t a person but a tank I love?) So many things that overwhelmed me with this as I’ll also have to figure out myself and not show the example code…


The tribute page can be about a real person, a fictional character, or whatever you want. The important part is that you learn in the process.


I see, then I’d go with talking about my T-34 tank, and I should do the same timeline thing right?


You an make whatever you want - a trubute page to actor, dogs, cats, etc. If you want to make a tribute page to a tank you love, do it.


Yeah, you need to fulfill the user’s stories, and the page has to be functionally similar to the example.