What to understand before developing a trading robot

Hi…I’m trying to develop my own trading robot without any prior knowledge of coding,programming ,algorithms or any knowledge of such about computers…so I what should I learn and understand before I could start developing my own robot ?


FCC is mostly focussed on web dev, with a little bit of Python. I’ve never built a trading robot, but when I look I find results like these. I think if you search around those, you’ll find something.

Ooh okay thank you soo much sir

In freecodecamp is a tutorial about Algorithmic Trading.

If you want the pure code, I think this link would be very useful.

Best of wishes

Thank you soo much for the help…Definitely appreciated

If you find the code too difficult. You can give a try to the python course in the FCC platform. And read about the basis machine learning. Hope it helps

Okay no problem then :clap:

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