What to you think about this tribute page

I’m not new to HTML, CSS, JS., but I think I have to start documenting certificates for good reasons. What do you think about my tribute page? I love to always emphasize the use of whitespace to balance and harmonize designs no matter how basic the site is.

I’ll still add more features soon…

This was very informative. The only critique I would say is to crop the image if you can. Its VERY large compared to the centered material that follows. Very well done :partying_face:

Nice job,
But try to position the image so that it is not split when the page loaded.
And the footer is too big. I prefer if the footer is more discreet.

Thank you! The idea was to make the image very large; some elements will be introduced into that section in the next phase.

Thank you Lendoo! What do you imply with “image split”? Can you clarify? I set width at auto.

For the footer, I reduced the font size, but still retained the height; it’s for visual balance purposes.

When the user load your page at first look the image is split. We need to scroll down the page to see the full image. Without scrolling some head of peoples are cut in half.
That image is not too high. Try to position it so that it is visible fully even after load the page, without scrolling.

And another idea: Now as I checked second time the page, maybe better if the content after headers are aligned justify. The centered content is a bit bothering.

It’s pretty good and it’s responsive! The only thing I would say is you used your linebreak class in opening and closing tags I would take out the one in the closing tag.

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I did the design relative to the requirements of the test.
Even the site that freecodecamp referenced and guide for the project have an image far larger than mine where you also have to scroll to view the full image. The image I used doesn’t have the heads cut. (smiles).
For the resolution, I choose one that resolution is “not too high” because of contrast purposes.

@Temitp I used my phone to check it out and it looked brilliant. Things up.

Thank you! @debracheprop
I understand you; can you have a second look. I have done more work to the visual balance. I still retained both

for top and bottom, but adjusted the whitespace to make remove the distraction effect you observed.

I appreciate! @adomhamza
You canhave a second look again; I have added more design effects. Smiles!

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Neat…I like the way you added the padding around the content leaving white space around it, while also adding the border radius to give the edges a nice curve. On my phone it felt like reading from an app. Thumbs up :+1:.


Thank you for the compliments @adomhamza
You have a sense for details; I am glad you observed those “little” details.

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You ca have a second look again; :grin: Some updates there