What tool or app can i use, Need help?

Hello, everyone
I have been Learning HTML 5 and come across “image map” at this link “HTML Image Maps
but in the tutorial they don’t tell how they get the coordinates of the objects in the images can any one tell me tool or app they are using

An image editing tool would probably be the easiest way to find the pixel locations of various parts of the image.

It should be noted though that image maps are terrible for accessibility and it’s considered a bad idea to use them.

Which image editing tool ?
I don’t want to get into the rabbit hole of installing/uninstalling applications, I was hopping that it would be a some kind known tool for the developer, that everybody use it

thanks for the advice about the accessibility I’ll look for that

It’s something that you could probably figure out using any image editor, including whichever one might come standard with your OS. If the image is on a web page of yours, you could also use your browser’s developer tools to figure it out.

thank you for the help I look out for GIMP and I found that on left hand side down corner I can read the pixel coordinates, It was totally out of my mind

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