What URL to submit from CodeSandBox / Github

This is my URL from CodeSandBox … I think
prod-land-fcc03 - CodeSandbox

I discovered CodeSandBox and finished my 3rd fcc project there.
Is the URL above the correct one to send - to submit my project (Product Landing Page).
I imported from Github then did a PR back to Github, so not sure which URL to use to submit project.
I think my Github URL is GitHub - queenoftheberg/fccQueenB

Any opinions about my project would be welcome too.

This is the correct link to submit.

You can find it here.

I think your page looks good.

Have have some errors in your html.
Run your code in the html validator

The biggest reoccurring error is your unordered list.

Here is an example.

          <li>Ceylon, Rooibos, Earl Grey</li>
          <li>Red Cappuccino</li>
          <li>Chai Latte</li>

The list items should be nested inside the ul elements.

Instead of writing this.


I would use a paragraph element or heading element instead.

Something like this.

            <li>filter coffee</li>
            <li>Cappuccino- large and medium</li>
            <li>Cafe Latte</li>
            <li>Flat White</li>

Hope that helps!

Ohhh. Light bub moment. So I was using the UL incorrectly.
Thanks for feedback. Most appreciated.

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